2 Tips For Those Who Want To Get Shelving Units For Their Storage Units

Putting freestanding shelving units in a storage unit is a good way to keep its contents organised, and keep the unit itself looking neat and tidy. Here are some tips for people who want to get this equipment for their storage units. They should choose the right type of shelving units It's important for people to get the right type of shelving units for their storage units. They should, for example, ensure that the bottom shelf of any shelving unit they buy is at least an inch or two off the floor. [Read More]

Ways Your Home Business Could Benefit From a Storage Unit

Whether your home business is in its early stages or it's already flourishing, there's a chance you've already considered the question of storage. Storage is key to holding stock, distribution, and maintaining a sense of organisation. If you're yet to hire a storage unit, here are some ways your home business could benefit from one. Maintaining Stock Levels Running a home business doesn't mean you need to have lots of space at home. [Read More]

How To Choose A 3PL Logistics Warehousing Company To Offer Storage Services

Logistics is one of the challenges experienced by small businesses. More often than not, they do not have the resources and capital investment required to secure large storage spaces and ensure the distribution of their goods to all parts of the country. This is where third-party logistics companies come in. They manage the logistical aspect of operating a small business, thus allowing the owner to concentrate on producing quality products.  [Read More]

Packing for a move: three items that need special treatment

Preparing for a move means packing a lot of belongings, from clothes and shoes to furniture and appliances. Many of these items are simple enough to pack using cardboard moving boxes, but there are a few that need a little special attention. They may require special techniques or packing supplies; ask your removalist if you're having a hard time finding any of these.  Books On one level, packing books is simple. [Read More]